Bakery Menu

Only the freshest ingredients used in our from scratch bakery and deli and served with a smile! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and a whole lot more!!! Place your order today for any occasion!

Every day Bakery Items

Apple Dumplings $4.00

Cannoli… traditional with chocolate chips

Chocolate with chocolate chips $1.99

Cookies.. Chocolate Chip* Oatmeal Raisin* Peanut

Butter* Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip* Ginger Snap*

Snickerdoodles* $.70 ea. $3.99 half dozen, $7.99 bakers’ dozen

 Gourmet cookies…Chocolate Orange Pillows* Cranberry

Walnut* Espresso Chocolate Chip* * Rocky Road* $1.29 ea.

Happy Face Cookie $1.59 ea

 Cream Puffs $2.99

 Cupcakes $1.99

 Eclairs $2.99

 Elephant Ears $2.29

 Fruit Tart $22.99

 Fruit Sticks $1.59

 Lemon Bars $1.29

 Linzer Bars $1.29

 Linzer Cookies $1.59

 Nut or Poppy Rolls $8.99

 Scones $1.59 each

 Stuffed Rolls 

Ham and Swiss* Pepperoni and Cheddar* Olive and

Feta* Roasted Red Pepper and Mozzarella* Turkey with

broccoli, Monterey Jack cheese, tuscan seasoning* $3.50 ea.



Baguette $2.59

Dinner Rolls 6 for $2.99, Dozen $4.99

Hoagie Rolls 2 for $2.59

Cinnamon Raisin *Hearty Honey Grain

*Olive Rosemary * Pumpernickle * Pusta Brot * Eastern European Rye with kosher salt or caraway seeds on top *Seven Grain

Old Country Bread with molasses soaked grains… $4.99

Apple Walnut, Banana, Peach, Pumpkin, Zucchini Tea Breads $3.99

 Corn bread $4.99



Carrot Cake (slices $2.99)* Crumb

Cake (Apple, Blueberry, Raspberry, or

Peach) *Coffee Cake *Devils Food

Cake * Jewish Apple Cake* Pumpkin

Cake with walnuts $8.99

 Seasonal Pumpkin Roll $12.99

 Pound Cake $8.99

 Cheesecake, Plain, Fudge Swirl, Raspberry Swirl, or Pumpkin

Small$11.99 and Large$26.99

Sacher Torte $19.99 slices $2.99

Tabora Cake….$ 24.99 slices $3.99


Specialty Cakes


Apple Pie……….Apple Raspberry Pie

Banana Cream…Blueberry…..Cherry

Coconut Cream…….Coconut Custard

Key Lime……..Lemon Meringue

Mixed Berry…..Peach

Pecan …..

Strawberry Rhubarb

All fruit pies can have crumb topping…..

All pies….$13.50-15.50 ea.

Special for the holidays….

French Apple Streussel ……Mince Meat

…..Pear Raspberry…Pumpkin


Hand Decorated Cookies

For any occasion! You mention what you would like and we’ll make the cookie. You can specify colors, written message.

Specialty Cookies