Irish Festival Recap, Sunday 13 August 2017, 11-5 pm, Tabora Farms

We at Tabora love our patrons and are lucky that they love us too. Recently we held our annual Irish festival and wanted to share with you one of our patrons experience that they sent to us. Enjoy, let us know what you think, and don’t hesitate to stop by and visit soon. …

As a passionate red head deeply into and indebted by my Scotch-Irish heritage, I’d been looking forward to Tabora Farms Irish festival for some time.  Yes they are a client, and we’ve had the pleasure to know Patricia and Caleb as two extremely dedicated hardworking individuals that strive for perfection in their farm, their business, and their family.  But this meant more, knowing their dedication to all things authentic, emotions ran high and anxious.  This time last year, we were away and could not attend the festival.  We were not going to miss it again.

I like to attend as many festivals as I can that spotlight the heritage that I belong to and love.  So I was excited to see the influx of visitors, entertainers, and the local crowd that would attend.  Of course, if you’ve had the pleasure to meet Patricia at all, you know that strawberry blonde hair, and freckled face comes through – aiding in the fact that there will be even more determination in the authentic.  Before leaving, I perused the website to confirm the entertainment and vendors, and became excited at the lists of music, dancers, food and drinks.  Vendors listed items too that spanned Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.  With that we were out the door.

As we pulled up, I heard bagpipes and parking was full, which is a wonderful sign!  My husband knew the lay of the land and found parking in a close by church parking lot.  I opened the door, and the music swelled as did sounds of people and smells of food.  The cadence of the drums pulled us closer and closer, as we walked up the back lane past the petting area.  People were milling around in chairs and chatting, wandering and talking – holding food and drinks.  Little ones had painted faces running in and out of the legs of their parents.  Adults proudly displayed different variations of authentic jersey’s and clothing from Ireland.  As we walked in and obtained wrist bands, it was evident the grounds were set up with care.  From the grand tent and stage, to the food area, and further off where the merchants and vendors were arranged.  Everything was strategically placed to afford a person the ability to shop in a row, from textiles and pottery to traditional clothes.  There were insignia clothes of Ireland, and handcrafted jewelry and Irish silver.  Soaps and perfumes were abundant from the Isle, even glass and crystal.


I soaked up the moment as the weather seemed to cooperate with the event.  I wandered around the grand tent where the band, Irish Thunder, was finishing a set.  Behind there were dancers starting to gather from the Fitzpatrick School of Irish Dancing.  What else could I possibly need or want?  Then the breeze shifted, and the smells wafted over again.  I smelled corned beef and cabbage and decided to follow my nose.  I was delighted to find dishes that not only included the corned beef, but shepherd’s pie and bangers.  In addition, in the next tent there were pints of beer and hard cider to pair with the food.  Alongside that with care, there was an area for more traditional snacks and beverages.

Having planned the outing with family and neighbors from Collegeville, we had decided to meet out at Tabora and spend a couple of hours.  As none of us had had the pleasure, we were unsure if we’d even spend a couple of hours as we didn’t know just how big the venue was, or what to expect.  In retrospect, we stayed until nearly 5pm – as that is the time the festival ended!  From the grand tent, vendors, and merchants to the children’s play area and petting enclosure – Tabora’s landscape sparkled and danced with the sights and sounds of Ireland.  Inside the shop was open and bustling with activity from displaying baked goods, fresh picked fruit and produce, to homemade food.  Everywhere there was something for everyone, young and old.

Thank you, Patricia and Caleb, for bringing a piece of Eire to Bucks County.  We are already looking forward to next year.   Éire go Brách


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