Tabora Spring News!

Spring has arrived!  New growth abounds as the trees are blossoming and lovely flowers are popping up all around the farm.  Come for a stroll in the orchard as the peach and cherry trees will soon all be in bloom, followed then by the apples.  The blooming period is short as the delicious fruit beneath wants to evolve!  Don’t miss this Spring time beauty!
Please consider us for any party you have.  We are here for all your catering needs.  Just give a call at 215-249-3016, and we can help you with any size party big or small!
We welcomed 3 beautiful rabbits at the end of March.  “Cuddles” our lion head rabbit passed on many of her good looks to her three bunnies as “Flopsy”, the dad, has influenced them with his docile, snuggly nature.  Come visit out goats! “Bay Shore”, is the big multicolor haired mom, and the kids are black haired “Asteroid’ and speckled white, “Salluna.”  The best treat you can give our animals is affection and a handful of grass!  We hope you get a chance to enjoy them!
Gorgeous flowers will soon fill our porch.  Start planning your garden!  We can help you with your planting questions.
You can find Tabora at some great Farmers’ Markets which will all be in full swing soon:  Doylestown Farmers’ Market (currently running on Saturdays 7-12), Lansdale Farmers’ Market (May 16 start date!), and Breezy Point, NY (May 16 start date!).  Place your orders if you would like to pick something up at the Farmers’ Markets.
Our year kicked off with our Open House at the end of March.  It was so great to see so many of you here enjoying what we have to offer!  Check out our 2015 Schedule of Events!  This year is going to be an awesome one!
Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!
Caleb and Patricia Torrice

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