Wine Menu

Step into a simpler time when you enter our winery. Relax at the hand crafted bar made with original barn boards dating back to 1761.

We offer 11 unique wines with differing flavors and sensations

Chardonnay — simple, yet sophisticated. Low acid, low level of oak, more like a naked Chardonnay. The driest white wine that we are currently offering.

Cabernet Sauvignon—Has a lot of zig and zag. Full bodied with medium tannins. A lot of dark fruit flavor of black cherry, black currant and black berry. The strongest component is the black pepper accent in the back of the palette.

Chambourcin—A lot more mellow, mild than the cabernet sauvignon. It allows you to focus more on the fruit flavor rather than the zig and zag in the cab. Medium bodied, medium tannins, and a lot easier to handle for the non-red wine drinker.

Riesling—Modeled after the New York Finger Lakes Riesling. A nice fruit flavor with a peach/pear bouquet. The flavor really follows through with a soft whispering finish.

Steuben—Red grape developed by Cornell University. You will get a good fruit flavor . Many people say that they get a strawberry essence; however the most unique feature is at the back of the palette, it gives you a little elbow to remind you that you are drinking wine.

Niagara—Grape juice with a kick! You will experience white grape flavor from beginning to the end. Smells fruity, tastes fruity, is fruity.

Concord—A nice fruity, sweet wine. A bit more complex due to the fermentation process with the skins. A nice, true grape flavor.

Pear—soft, buttery, smooth fruit filled experience. Light and easy to drink with a rich pear flavor and soft earthy finish.

Sweet Cherry—Of all the fruit, sweet cherry is one of the hardest to define with your palette. Often it will taste like a mixed berry wine to most consumers. It is a sweet wine with a variety of fruit components throughout.

Plum—Our plum wine pops plum flavor…. No mystery, no hunting, a rich plum flavor. A nice sweet wine drinking experience.

Montmorency Cherry—a true favorite. Montmorency Cherry is the most unique wine. It starts sweet and slowly develops into a sour cherry flavor. When drinking this wine, think of sour cherry pie and it is a perfect match.

Come taste for yourself! We offer tastings from 10 AM to 7 PM everyday. (Closed Tuesday Jan, Feb, Mar) Wine by the glass is also available to accompany a Tabora lunch or dinner. Even non-wine drinkers will find unique gifts and beautifully arranged local art. We look forward to seeing you soon!